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There are multiple searches each and every day for exactly what you offer. These people are looking for the solution to their problem, the solution that you offer. They are describing your business they just dont know who you are. SEO gets you in front of those people who are looking for exactly what you do. By making your website show up for the terms that describe exactly what you offer those people convert at a much higher rate than any other form of marketing. Everyone wants inbound leads SEO delivers them.

If you have never been on the first page of the search engines you cant imagine what it can do for you. There is a reason you are here, you know you need SEO, you just might not understand the importance it has for your business. You have already spent the time and energy to build your business, SEO can help you take it to the next level. 

The Abilene-Sweetwater Area has over 180,000 people and is a excellent place to do business. Covering Taylor, Jones, Callahan and Nolan counties it can be a challenge to show up for each and every one of them. So if you want to rank not just in Abilene and Sweetwater but also Dyess AFB, Clyde, Merkel, Stamdford, Anson, Baird, Hamlin, Potosi, Tye, Buffalo Gap, Cross Plain, Hawley, Impact, Lawn, Leuders, Putnam, Trent, Tuscola and more it can be dificult to even optimize for that many locations using title tags and meta descriptions alone. With such a wide area of land to cover and Google's attempts to limit the average geo radius you need to use advanced technical SEO. 

Mobile Optimization

Google switched to mobile first indexing for everyone last year. This means your site needs to be optimized for mobile. This includes more than just how it looks on a phone but the speed as well. Speed is also a factor in page experience. It has become vital.

Page Experience

The page experience signal measures how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. Optimizing for these factors makes the web more friendly for users across all web browsers and surfaces, and requires sites to be tuned for user expectations on mobile

Structured Data

  • To really dominate search results your site needs to have the technical signals for Google to truly understand what you offer and where you are located (when optimizing for location). You can make offers and include brands or services. 

Local Maps Optimization

Local maps optimization is about showing up in the three pack of maps listings. Most consumers when searching for a local service will not go past those three listings. The vast majority of people will click on one or more of those and thats it. So if you are not there you are missing out on a lot of business. I cant tell you how many times someone has said oh I get all of my business from referrals, then when they rank in the maps they realize just how much business they were missing.

Page Experience Optimization

Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics related to speed, responsiveness and visual stability. The page experience signal consists of the Core Web Vitals, as well as these existing page experience metrics:

Intrusive interstitial guidelines 

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin and Google My Business can be powerfull marketing platforms. Our social media expert has over a decade of experience marketing on social media. We offer 7 days a week posting to keep your brand in the public eye and get people to see you whenever they are on social media. By keeping a regular presence you are far more likely to find new clients.

Medical SEO

If your waiting rooms are not full you need medical SEO. If Dr Google is a pain in your backside its because other people are providing the information instead of you. We turn Dr. Google into an asset instead of a liability. If your site is found whenever someone in your area searches their symptoms or illness related to your practice and you are there to educate them, they chose you as their provider.

Home Services SEO

Have you been knocking on doors to get sales while the competition beats you to the punch because they are found at the top of Google? Its time to change that! Whether you are a house painter, septic service, pest control, roofers, siding installers, window installers, remodeling, storm damage repair or any other type of home services we can help.

High ROI SEO Campaigns

SEO has the highest return on investment of any form of inbound marketing effort, social media is second and pay per click is third. Combine the three and really see your business grow. It is not about first pages for us, its about business growth. If your business is not getting leads and sales you are not going to continue to do SEO just because you are at the top of some searches. The campaigns have to deliver. Since we never ask you to sign a long term contract you can be assured that we will deliver results.

Attorney SEO

Every attorney I have ever spoken too that is not at the top of Google thinks that the only way to get clients is through referrals. I did SEO for a DUI attorney and he was shocked at how many people would get arrested in his city, but call a family member in another city for help. They of course did not have a local attorney to get a referral from and would go to Google. I have seen this in every form of legal practice. We can help personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, criminal defense, family law, patent, business attorneys and more.


It is going to be a while before trade shows come back, if you have a product that you need to get in front of other businesses you had better get your SEO in order. Its been an effective tool for a long time but now its absolutely vital as the trade shows are going to be nonexistent for a while. Use this opportunity to get in front of the people who do not go to the trade shows anyway! Demonstrate your products on your website so potential customers can see how it works. Most importantly be found.

 Multi Location SEO

Does your business have multiple locations? If so you need multi location SEO. The good news is that Google is highly favoring brands. So when you have multiple locations branding can really work in your favor. On top of that the multiple citation verticals give your site more power and authority in the search engines.

No matter what your business we can help. Call us today at (325) 262-4SEO. 

Step 1

Deep Evaluation of Websites Needs

At the start of every project we do a deep evaluation of the websites needs. Are there conflicting citations, broken links, 404 errors where good links are comming in, any 301 redirects that are needed. Schema data, On page optimization and so on. 


Step 2

Build out the on Page & Links

Once the evaluation is done, we clean up any bad links or citations and start building you a new set of links while at the same time writing new optimization for your website. If there are SSL errors etc they are cleaned up hre. 


Step 3

Start to rank

After the on site optimization is done, the site is in full alignment with good digital assets being built you start moving forward in the rankings. 


Why Choose Me For Your SEO?

I have been doing SEO for clients for over a decade now. Prior to doing client SEO I had always been a bit of a computer nerd who build my own website back in the late 90’s and started doing SEO then myself. It was the wild west and anything went. But as time went on a clear pattern started to emerge with Google and what they wanted. They want you to get your links from the highest quality sites, site that they trust.

They want your linking to be natural, what they mean by that is natural behavior. Natural behavior to them of course is not necessarily natural behavior to the lay person. As I understood more and more the mindset of the people involved in their search algorithm I found a surprisingly effective way of ranking sites and doing it in a way that met their criteria.

My experience and constant testing will get you to the first pages that are relevant to your business. 

Award Winning Abilene SEO Firm

Our SEO programs when put to the test by national SEO ranking firms has been recognized as a leader in the field.

Find out what your site is missing to rank at the top!

We will do an in depth look at your website and determine what your site needs to dominate.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do is Take Action!

Over these 12 years we have been contacted by a high number of business owners who were curious about SEO, but remained indecisive. Most of them eventually closed their doors. Charlie Munger always stressed that one of the key traits of successful business owners is Decisiveness. SEO is the key to effective advertising on the internet, which has quickly become the greatest advertising platform the world has ever known. It is time to take action and execute an SEO strategy.

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